CodeCalculated has delivered technology solutions to businesses small and large, across the country. Along the way, we've learned how to work with a wide range of people on projects to help them work more efficiently. Our mission is to develop great software that propels you forward, not holds you back.

How we work

Small feel, big experience

We have experience working in large software development firms, so we understand more complicated processes. However, we're small enough to be able to strip away some of the red tape, allowing us to be much more efficient. The end result is more personal service with a high level of expertise at a much lower cost to you.

No surprises

Some firms will get you to sign on the dotted line and then disappear for months on end to work on your project. This leaves no opportunity for you to give your feedback on the direction of the project as it goes on. At CodeCalculated, we provide constant updates on the state of your project, so that we can take advantage of your expertise in your business processes.

Smooth transition

We excel at helping our clients transition their projects from difficult and inefficient vendors to working with us. We have experience with quickly learning projects of all sizes to get you moving along according to your expectations. It is our goal to provide a high level of service to renew your trust in the process after a bad experience with another vendor.

Guaranteed Response Time

At CodeCalculated, we guarantee a maximum response time of 24 hours to any request. During business hours, our response time is within the same business day. We have no such thing as "low priority" clients.


Hi! I'm Ray Kuhnell, software developer and founder of CodeCalculated. I have years of experience learning business processes and building software to make them work better. I've spent most of my time bridging the gap between the experts my clients' business and the code that brings technology to life.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I've worked with a number of small agencies in the Cincinnati area, as well as a large player in the banking industry. Through this experience I have worked with clients of all sizes on projects that range from a few hours in scope to years.

In my personal time, I contribute to open source projects to keep my skills sharp. For more information, you can view my Github profile. I also write blog entries and create instructional videos to pass along my knowledge to others.