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CirrusSense TDWLB


Transducers Direct's TDWLB is a pressure transducer that uses bluetooth to provide data using a wireless connection. The CirrusSense TDWLB mobile application provides the user with a heads up display of pressure, temperature and other points of data in real time. With an existing iOS application in place, Transducers Direct needed a mobile development expert to create an Android version, in addition to maintaining and adding new features to the iOS app.

The application allows the user to select from nearby sensors and view a virtual pressure gauge and HVAC temperature information that updates instantaneously. They can also view battery level status, configure settings for the sensor or compare two sensors side by side. Advanced users can also configure alarms, allowing their device to notify them when a sensor's readings enter a range of their choosing.

The final product was an Android application with the same feature set as Transducers Direct's iPhone and iPad application, but with a design that is familiar to users of Android phones and tablets, allowing them to provide their product to a new market of customers.

The application was deployed to the Google Play store. Continued updates and new features are being added to both the Android and iOS versions to keep the application up to date.


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