Email Ticket Handler

Server Application

Auto Email Ticketing System


The Email Ticket Handler process works in conjunction with the client's existing, custom service ticket platform. The client expressed that the current process was too complicated and wanted a solution to allow their customers to quickly submit requests to the system.

The application runs as a task in the client's existing environment. When their customer needs to place a new request, they can send an email to a specific email address with the details. When the message is recieved, the system parses the email, generating a ticket with as much information as the customer provides. The client's service department can then follow up immediately.

The system can function in a different fashion depending on the customer that sends the initial request. It can trigger a notification to provide after hours service or add information to an existing ticket in the scope of the same email thread. The system is fully configurable on a global or per customer basis.

The application is entirely separate, yet functions seamlessly with the client's existing processes to provide an expanded range of service to the client's customers.

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SQL Server